Halsey reveals her spicy rigatoni recipe on 'Hot Ones'

Halsey reveals her spicy rigatoni recipe on 'Hot Ones'

Singer Halsey took a break from her Manic World Tour and hanging out with K-pop icons BTS to stop by Hot Ones

During her journey through spicy wings, she chatted with host Sean Evans about her spicy rigatoni — which she makes with the cheapest vodka she can find — as well as talking to John Mayer on the phone. 

Around 15 minutes in, though, the "gravy train comes to a halt," as Evans puts it. "Bruh," Halsey says before gulping down some milk. "I think I burnt away whatever passage was between my ears and my throat. It's just one open canal now." Yikes!

Later on, she prays for strength to eat The Last Dab. Watch the episode to see if Halsey conquers the final wing.  Read more...

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