How to do voice typing in google docks

Some time you may feel lazy enough to type your document or project wit tapping keyboard here is the solution Check out this feature "voice typing" provided by google.
if you are busy at something and not able to sit on the system you have reason to use this by wireless headsets.Walk in the room and type you document .

1. Go to and click on start a new document
2. Go to tools and select voice typing . congrats you hit the target
type your document by working,waving or walking in the room (by the help of a wireless earphone).

Advantage don't have to do physical typing . can walk around your room to type your document by the help of wireless earphones or bluetooth device .
3.It have more accuracy as it uses NLU(natural language processing).

1.You need net connection with good speed. may have to face problem when you use punctuation. (But you can modify the content later )

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